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Packages And Pricing

30 Hour Online Course on your own time, at your convience. Once course is completed you recieve a Drivers Education Certificate from us.

Price: $39.99

6 Hour minimum Driving Lessons, 3 Days, 2 Hour Sessions, Classes include pick up and drop off. Any day any time by appointment. Your Instructor will pick you up in our car. Teaching you the basics and advanced aspects of driving. Once finished you will receive a Drivers Training Completion Certificate from us so you can acquire your license after holding the Drivers Permit for 6 months. Classes consist of but not limited to steering control, paying attention to detail like scanning, full stops, following and stopping distances, parking, u-turns, etc. We recommend taking more additional classes so you could have more confidence and experience, so once it comes to driving with your parents, they will feel more safe with your driving.

Price: $499

Advance Course for students who want to spend more time learning freeways and canyons.6 Hours package plus 4 more hours . However more time spent on your Driving difficulties and preparing the student to build more confidence and driving skills. This course is recommended by parents who want their child to learn more and experience more before driving with them.

Price: $830

One class for brushing up more and refining driving skills for more confidence building.

Price: $185