Very friendly, patient, polite and professional looking instructors. Instructor since 1989. Free pickup and drop off from home, work and school. Open 7 days a week. Car with dual control system for students' safety. Guaranteed lowest prices for professional training. We are fully Bonded, Licensed and Insured. Our Instructors have gone through a full background check We serve Contra Costa Country

Please... Connect with Us Through Chat ... 925 329 1736

Approved by the DMV. License #4566

Guaranteed low prices for professional training. We are fully Bonded,Licensed and Insured. Free Pickup and drop off from students location home OR school. Our Instructors have gone through full background Check


Very friendly, patient,polite and professional looking instructors.


Cars with Dual control system for students safety.


Guaranteed low prices for professional training.


Online courses and behind the
wheel training.

Scheduling an appointment

To schedule the appointment for 6hrs we recommend to have space in between the lessons so the students can practice.
we teach basics/defensive driving in 1st lesson,all kind parkings in 2nd lesson and freeway in 3rd lesson.


Teenagers are required to take 6 hours with the Instructor and 6 hrs are divided into 3 lessons and 2 hrs each lesson.
After taking one 2 hrs lesson our instructor will sign off the permit and student can legally drive with the Parents.
they have to carry their permit in order to drive with anyone its their responsibility to bring the permit to the driving lesson.
otherwise there will be $40 charge (please read the cancellation policy) and ther will be flat $40 processing fee on any refunds.


Adults can take a driving lesson with their own country License only if its valid and they have to bring that to the driving lesson.
In order to get a California license adults have to get the Learners permit from the DMV. Any other questions please text us on 925-329-1736 (please do not call Or leave any voicemail) OR send us a email at .